Success Story - How Milieu Homes Generated An Offer Almost $200,000 Above-Asking Price

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Success Story - How Milieu Homes Generated An Offer Almost $200,000 Above-Asking Price

Keep reading to learn more about the recent success of Milieu Home’s pre-sale renovation program with their listing in Mission Viejo. 

Case History

Sandra Thiel, Founder of Milieu Homes, had known the seller for quite some time. When he finally approached her with the intention to sell, Sandra knew this home would be an ideal candidate for Milieu Home’s pre-sale renovation program. 

In early 2023, Milieu Homes partnered with Freemodel, a pre-sale renovation service that works with agents and homeowners to generate a higher sale price for homes. 

It’s a headache-free solution for homeowners as Freemodel requires no cash up front and allows sellers to pay through escrow. Each home is assigned a local project director who handles vendor management, design, and pre-sales prep, including staging. 

According to Freemodel’s own website, “The average seller profit from Freemodel projects is $190,000.”

After the initial meeting the seller signed onboard and Freemodel and Milieu Homes kicked off this pre-sale renovation project. 


Case Solutions

From the get-go, the team knew this home needed a modern design with an open-concept living space that highlighted the beautiful view. 

To kick the project off, the entire home was gutted. The team removed the existing kitchen cabinets, removed the existing floors, and disposed of the clutter. 

To open up the living space and extend the view, they knocked down the wall previously separating the formal living and dining room from the kitchen. This one design choice made a world of difference in the space flow and natural light. 

On the Milieu Homes side, our marketing team jumped into action right away. Our team wanted to find a way to bring our audience along for the journey to see the progress on the pre-sale renovation project. With regular behind-the-scenes videos, email updates, and social media posts, our team generated significant buzz for the grand reveal. 


Case Success

Prior to the pre-sale renovations, this home would have been listed below just $1,000,000. With pre-sale renovations, impeccable staging, and high quality professional images and videos, Sandra chose to list the home at a competitive price of $1,295,000. 

Within a day of listing the home, Sandra received multiple offers and after the busy open house on opening weekend, the floodgates opened. 

In the end, Sandra received over 10 offers, with many over the asking price. The homeowner accepted a competitive offer and after a quick two-week escrow, the home sold for $1,490,000, almost $200,000 above the asking price. 

All parties are thrilled with the end results and Milieu Homes is proud that our first pre-sale renovation project was such a success.

The team can’t wait for the next one! If you are interested in learning more about our pre-sale renovation program, please reach out to a member of our team today.

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