How Pre-sale Renovations Can Generate a Higher Sale Price

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How Pre-sale Renovations Can Generate a Higher Sale Price

Many home sellers face a tough choice before they list their property. Should they sell their home as-is or invest in pre-sale renovations? 

With MiLiEU Home's new offering, that choice becomes much easier. I'm thrilled to share that MiLiEU Homes in partnership with Side, Inc. and Freemodel are now offering pre-sale renovation services to my clients. 

To learn how the process works and how pre-sale renovations can generate a higher sale price for your home, keep reading below. 


Now Offering: Pre-sale Renovation Services

Powered by Freemodel, this process removes the barriers to pre-sale renovations. We now offer fully managed renovations that help our clients sell for more, plus there's no cash up front! 

Here's how it works: 

Freemodel Pre-sale Renovation Services How it Works


How Pre-sale Renovations Can Generate a Higher Sale Price

While each homeowner's situation is different, pre-sale renovations can be particularly helpful in generating a higher sale price and attracting more buyers. 

Homelight reported, "According to a 2020 survey of over 2,000 people conducted by Coldwell Banker, 80% of Americans say they would prefer to buy a move-in ready home over one that requires renovations."

When you partner with MiLiEU Homes, I'll take you through a pre-listing checklist to identify potential issues and then we'll discuss if your home is a good candidate for the Freemodel renovation services. 

As reported above, Freemodel helps the average seller generate a $190,000 profit on their renovation investment. That is a major bump to their final sale price! 


MiLiEU Homes & Freemodel Case Study

A Sneak Peek of Our Latest Project in Mission Viejo

With the launch of MiliEU Home's latest offering, I'm taking you along to see the progress of this Freemodel renovation project in Mission Viejo. This home already has a gorgeous view of Mission Viejo, we just needed the outside and inside to project that same beauty. 

Below are a few of the before photos: 




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