June Home Maintenance Tips

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June Home Maintenance Tips

Don't let June gloom keep you down, get your home ready for summer with these six home maintenance tips. ☀️🏠️⁠

1. Check and clean your air conditioning system! Make sure it's ready to go for when that summer sun hits. ⁠

2. Change your smoke detector batteries and protect your home. ⁠

3. Prep for those late summer nights and check your outdoor lighting and pathway lighting. ⁠

4. Summertime usually means open windows! Give your home a good dusting to limit dust spreading.⁠

5. Those ankle-biter mosquitos are no joke! Protect yourself from potential mosquito bites by spraying your yard and removing any standing water. ⁠

6. Change the filter on your ice machine and check on your fridge's energy efficiency! ⁠

Orange County's sunny summer days will be here before you know it, so take this opportunity to get your home ready for summer! ⁠

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