Is the market balancing? Tentatively, maybe!

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Is the market balancing? Tentatively, maybe!
The median single-family home and condo prices declined month-over-month. Since the all-time highs reached in April for single-family homes and May for condos, prices have contracted by 7% for single-family homes and 10% for condos. These movements are within the bounds of normal price variability, but after large price gains, it feels like any downward movement signals a market correction. As mentioned in the Big Story, prices tend to stagnate in the summer and fall months when inventory is at its highest, so we aren’t ringing the alarm bells quite yet. Homes over the past five years have become less affordable, yet demand boomed. With 30-year mortgage rates potentially settling around 5%, fewer potential buyers will participate in the market than they did last year when mortgage rates were at all-time lows.
Supply is still historically low, which will protect prices from experiencing a major downturn. Prices will likely follow a similar trend as last year, holding relatively steady through the summer and fall months. If you’re following home prices closely, as we tend to do, you don’t need to worry about losing equity in your home, or softening demand, or even an official recession — so long as it doesn’t affect your job. The housing market remains incredibly strong in Orange County, and in Southern California in general.

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